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I have had several readings from Amy Gould over the years. Her accuracy to details and ability to connect to loved ones on the other side is amazing. The messages I received were very clear and easy to understand. She will guide you on your spiritual journey compassionately and in a loving and non-judgmental manner. Stay open and trust the process. Allow Amy, an exceptional psychic and teacher, to help you heal and guide you on your path.

Beata R.

I have been coming to Amy for spiritual counseling for the last few years. The Akashic reading is heart opening and a unique opportunity to speak directly with my guides. What makes Amy’s readings really special is her integrity and commitment to delivering the message with grounding and compassion for where I am in the moment. I find that in this field, having discernment and knowing how and when to transmit the information with appropriateness is the real gift. Her sessions inspire me, and help to keep me connected with my own intuitive wisdom. She helps me stay true to myself.

Karen K.

Amy is a true angel on earth! I know Amy professionally and personally and in both areas she shares her wisdom, gentle spirit and true psychic gifts beautifully. Amy has a strong connection with the spirit world and can accurately connect with your loved ones who have crossed over to give you messages, healing and direction for your future. She is a life long learner and continues to share all she learns with clients and friends. Amy makes you feel incredibly comfortable during a reading and asks you who you would like to connect with so you can be sure you are on the same page with her. Her well of spiritual knowledge runs deep. Amy is a beautiful soul with a true gift!

Laura R. — Highland Park, IL

I had lost my mom 6 months before and I was given great comfort in knowing she was aware of her family surrounding her. She told me things that were only known by those present, so I am a firm believer.

Diane E.

The sessions I have had with Amy have left me with a better understanding of others in my life. She has helped me cope with things outside my control.

Veronica C.

Amy blew me away at how spot-on my parent's personalities came through. She was kind and empathetic. I really appreciated her approach.

Shaina L.

Each experience with Amy has made me feel comforted and validated in knowing my loved ones are still with me. She has also provided positive ways to reflect and learn and grow in my own life.

Chrissy B.

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